The Proctor Agency


T H E   P R O C T O R   A G E N C Y
Consulting for Higher Education
Dr. Grover B. Proctor, Jr., brings over two decades of wide and varied experience to the aid of colleges and universities, through the auspices of The Proctor Agency. His aim is to be part of — or consultant to — Executive Leadership in Higher Education, using his multifaceted leadership and expertise to add strategic, process-driven value in these areas, severally or together:
  1. Establishment and executive management of strong, quality, academically rigorous, revenue-producing International Program Centers, with particular emphasis on P.R. China.
    In 9 years and in 15 trips, Dr. Proctor has spent over 8 months in the Peoples Republic of China, where he has co-founded two highly successful and widely praised Colleges that are currently serving thousands of students. He and Dean Robert Henry, of Four Winds International, Ltd. Consulting of Canada, individually and together have experience in various aspects of the creation and sustaining of programs in China, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, India, and Brazil.

  2. Institutional and Marketing Research; coordination of collection of system-wide data and information; statistical analysis and research methodology expertise made available for institutional use, for marketing, and in the classroom.
  3. Dr. Proctor can provide expertise in the following areas: Institutional Research (analysis of existing functions, making recommendations concerning and helping to coordinate data collection and analysis procedures; reporting and communication of information; education of stakeholders; close and sensitive work with IR and IT/MIS professionals); Marketing Research (coordination with marketing and enrollment management reams to implement and maximize usage of marketing research efforts; Teaching (with 25 graduate semester hours in statistical analysis and research methodology, teaching a wide variety of courses at undergraduate and graduate levels).

  4. Regional, Quality-based Accreditation, including leadership and analysis of processes for Assessment of Student Learning.
    Working seamlessly to coordinate efforts with existing staff experts and leadership from faculty, academics, and executive levals, Dr. Proctor can provide Consultation, assistance in Executive-Level Strategic Planning, and Systems/Process Evaluation. Among the areas that can be covered are these: the accreditation process, quality improvement and enhancement, assessment of student learning, self-study and/or systems portfolio, accreditation analysis, preparation for team visitation, change of status requests, and required reporting.